Soups & Sides

Creamy Potato Soup

  No, you’re not dreaming … Life Bellissima is finally back, and it feels wonderful!    It’s been an incredibly busy week, no weeks — getting back into our school routine, starting after-school activities, dealing with a certain cold bug that was mentioned in a previous blog, chasing a dozen hens our of the neighbor’s yard (many times) … well, you …

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Country Living

September’s Song

Here it is September already! Almost overnight, we are feeling the gentle changes that will carry us into the autumn season. Much cooler evenings, the sun setting earlier and an abundance of pears, grapes and apples from my Mom’s garden. The chickens are also discovering the joys of this late-summer season — a vast amount of fresh fruit ripe for …

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Delicious Desserts

Chocolate Chip – Mint Gelato

Ahh, gelato. The very mention of this delicious dessert immediately inspires images of picturesque Italian streets that gently wind through a small, endearing village. Children run and play, laughing happily, as Jonathan, the girls and I walk with our assorted flavors from the local gelateria. Perhaps you’ve seen gelato images like this or this on Pinterest and know exactly what I’m talking …

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Family & Friends

On Safari

Summer is flying by like a whirlwind, and we are enjoying each and every sun-filled day! Last week, we traveled south and had a wonderful time visiting family in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whenever we visit my parents-in-law, Richard and Fran, there are a few things we can be sure of: 1.We will experience extraordinary food. Yes, the Bay …

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