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Raspberry-Honey Cupcakes


Can you believe we’re in the last few weeks of spring — then headed into the glorious, sun-filled days of summer?

As many of you already know, we are a homeschooling family, and in these last few weeks, it is getting harder to stay focused on our studies. I find my daughters, as well as myself, gazing dreamily out the windows. The weather is warmer, the days are growing longer, and let’s face it, it’s a wonderful time of year to be outdoors! We’re in the home(school)-stretch and should be finished up by early next week!

I felt it was only fitting to celebrate a  wonderful homeschool year, two lovely daughters who fill every day with sunshine and a hip-hip-hooray to summertime! I was inspired to make these cupcakes by my girls — a touch of honey topped with a dazzling raspberry pink! Andno artificial colors are needed for the frosting!


Honey Cupcakes

*I prefer to use all organic ingredients

1/2 cup butter, softened

1/2 cup coconut oil, softened

3 large eggs

2 Tablespoons vanilla

3 Tablespoons raw honey

1 cup raw cane sugar


1/2 cup plain yogurt

1 cup vanilla almond milk


2 cups flour

1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

-With a stand mixer or hand mixer, blend butter and coconut oil well. Add eggs, vanilla, honey and sugar and mix on medium for 2-3 minutes allowing mixture to become light and fluffy.

-Add dry ingredients alternately with vanilla almond milk and yogurt. Mix until well incorporated, but do not overmix.

-Fill cupcake liners approximately 2/3 full, and bake for 17-18 minutes or until toothpick comes out of cupcakes clean.


Raspberry-Honey Frosting

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup palm fruit oil

1 Tablespoon vanilla


2/3 cup raspberries, fresh or frozen

1/2 cup raw honey


3 2/3 cups powdered sugar


-With a stand mixer or hand mixer, beat oils and vanilla until smooth and creamy.

-In a saucepan, heat raspberries and honey on low until berries have softened.

-Gently pour the raspberry-honey mixture through a colander — push with a spoon to extract all of the raspberry juice and incorporate into the oil and vanilla mixture.

-Gently begin added the sifted powdered sugar about one cup at a time — mixing well after each addition.

-After frosting cooled cupcakes, garnish with additional raspberries and/or coconut flakes, if desired.

-Makes approximately 2 dozen cupcakes


I think these cupcakes are especially wonderful when enjoyed outside in the sunshine!



  1. such pretty cakes!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sabrina! I’m delighted you stopped by Life Bellissima and hope you’ll visit often! I look forward to visiting your blog as well! 🙂
      ~ Anna

  2. They look delicious ! Your 2 girls are very lucky. 🙂

    1. Thank you so very much! 🙂

  3. These look really nice Anna 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, dear Trupti! 🙂

  4. Beautiful photographs! I would love to bite into one.

    1. Thank you so very much!

  5. They look yummy. I actually love your choice of all the ingredients. Sounds unique and fresh!

    1. Thank you so much, Claudia! 🙂 The cupcakes turn out extremely moist.

      1. Good to know 😉 Thank you so much!

  6. How adorable are these beautiful cupcakes! Yummy!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie!

  7. Anna, these look so delightful….I just have to make cupcakes tomorrow 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, dear Lynne! 🙂

  8. So beautiful Anna! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, dear Lynn! xoxo

  9. I’m sure your girls enjoyed your pretty cupcakes. Love the last photo…nice.

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! 🙂

  10. Delightful! I love these ingredients 🙂 And congrats on another year of homeschool under your belt!

    1. Thank you so much, Sadie! 😀

  11. Pretty and delicious! Will certainly try them on my grandchildren!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you will enjoy them! 🙂

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