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School Days!


We’ve been busily preparing for the start of another brand new school year. Although I hold on tightly to the remaining days of summer with its brilliant blue skies, warm, sunny days and sweet memories that have been made, I am also looking forward to the joys of autumn.

This will be our third year homeschooling, and earlier this summer, I decided it was time to rearrange my office/girls’ school room. In addition, I had been wanting to re-finish their vintage school desks. Right now the room is in a definite state of transition, but we made a lot of progress last week! The desk tops and chairs are mostly sanded/prepped for varnish, and the girls have picked out their favorite colors for the metal bases and inside storage. (I’ll be sure to post updated photos!)



In addition, our curriculum arrived earlier last week, and the girls’ are so excited about their new textbooks! I have to say, I love perusing curriculum — by catalog, via Internet, at friends’ homes! Before we began homeschooling, I had no idea there was such variety! It’s a homeschool wonderland!

 My girls often grin at me as I sit perched with my computer tablet on my lap or with a handful of catalogs by my side —


“Oh girls! Look at this! A 108-piece puzzleball globe! How fun!

Oh wow! They also have it in 180-piece or 540-piece!”


Typically the girls share my enthusiasm, which is wonderful! Hovever, there are a few topics (namely math for my eldest daughter) where I’m usually met with a blank stare or a quiet “mm-hmm.”

 Two of my favorite curriculum sites/catalogs are:

A dear friend introduced me to Timberdoodle, and I absolutley love their creative line of products/curriculum! has an extensive variety of curriculum options. Simply go to their “homeschool” tab, and let the browsing begin! We typically buy most of our textbooks through this company.

Remember, your children don’t have to homeschool to enjoy these resources! They are excellent for any student and great for their variety of games, puzzles, books, etc.!

While I’m on the subject of school, I have to tell you about a great kid’s band we discovered when I was trying to teach my daughter about prepositions and wanted something fun! The Bazillions currently have two CDs out — you can check them out on their website or at Started by two elementary school teachers who wrote songs for their students, this band from Minnesota is incredibly talented! Where were they when I was a kid in school? Oh yeah, probably in school themselves!

Check out two of our favorites!

 To all the parents, children and teachers gearing up for a new school year:

Have fun, be creative and let’s make this the best year yet!






  1. Thanks for this lovely post!

    1. You’re very welcome! So glad you enjoyed it, Lynz! 🙂

      1. very nice and ready for school!

  2. School season is coming so fast!

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