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Welcome again to Life Bellissima! I realize that many of you visiting my website have no idea who my family and I are, so I wanted to take some time to get better acquainted. Let’s push the rewind button back a few years. My name is Anna, and I moved from southern California to southwest Idaho with my parents and sisters several years ago. I met my wonderful husband, Jonathan, at church, and we have been married for almost 18 years. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Aviah and Geneva, that fill our lives with such joy!

When we found out Geneva was on the way, we quickly came to the realization that we needed to search for a larger home. Long story short, my parents very graciously offered to let us build a home on an acre of their property in the country. Let me say that the building of our home would make a novel all by itself. Many adventures, many tears and many great memories all rolled into one. When the house was completed, we were exhausted, but also very excited and extremely blessed to move into our new abode.

And so the four of us along with our tabby cat, Marcie, began our wonderful transition to country life and many new adventures including homeschooling our daughters. It has been such a huge blessing to be surrounded by family and friends who homeschool as well. They are always there for us to offer support and encouragement. In a nutshell, the first year I felt like a pilot taking off on my solo flight — a great big bundle of nerves, but so excited at the same time! Last year, with much prayer, the flying was smoother and it came to me that I am not the pilot; God is the one flying our plane, and how truly grateful I am! I am so glad you found Life Bellissima! I hope you will visit often! I’m so excited to share more with you as we move along in the blog — family life, organic recipes and our newest additions of seven chickens and several rabbits!



  1. Claudia Crisman

    Great family if I do say so myself. Glad we’re family!!!

    1. So glad we’re family, too!!

  2. It makes me want to homeschool again. It was too much for me last year with two in diapers… I felt like I couldn’t give anyone the attention they needed. Maybe next year!

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