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Lessons in Walking

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I love going on walks. Not only is it beneficial health-wise, but it is such a great opportunity to explore and revive! Growing up in southern California, I’ve always enjoyed walking along the sand with the waves lapping at my feet. When we moved to southwest Idaho, I was delighted to walk along the hillsides, pastures, orchards and vineyards. One of my favorite routes winds up and down a hillside road that eventually leads to another road between two orchards. For a few weeks now, the weather has turned much warmer. Ok, it’s turned hot, and now I have to decide if I’m going to get up earlier to walk or hope it cools down enough by evening.

One afternoon, I ventured off because I didn’t want to wait until evening. I walked for miles or, literally, approximately four miles in one direction, and yes, it was hot and even the cows and horses looked a little concerned about me. Here and there I would catch a heavenly breeze that would cool me momentarily, but I had reached the orchards and they were so beautiful! I kept walking, daydreaming about what it would be like to have an orchard in Italy, but soon enough reality caught up with me. I’ve walked this far, now I actually have to walk all the way back home. I didn’t bring my phone, so I couldn’t call my husband to rescue me from the now scorching heat.

I headed back and with each hill, I kept thinking I would be back to level ground. I had evidently lost count of how many hills I had covered and actually had several more to go. I pressed on, hoping that at least one farmer would have his irrigation water running so I could stand near the fence and let the water spray over me. Nope, no water. I had borrowed my daughter’s mp3 player, so I turned up my favorite tunes by Tobymac, Jamie Grace and Building 429 to give me an added boost of energy. This, along with much prayer for strength, greatly helped, and I knew I would soon turn the corner and be in the home stretch.

A few things I have learned from that day. Yes, it was too hot to go walking, and I should have worn a hat. I put on sunscreen, but missed an important area, giving me a bright red sunburn necklace for the next week. I also learned that I do not want heat exhaustion and to always keep an extra bag of epsom salts handy at home. Even though the walk was not the easiest one, I did realize that in the midst of such circumstances, I was still able to enjoy the beauty God had for me that day. The sky was gorgeous with large white clouds, the orchard was lovely and most importantly, wherever I am, the Lord always walks beside me.


  1. Claudia Crisman

    I had a walk like that once-upon-a-time. I don’t think I looked back on it as positively as you did. I was just grateful to be alive!

  2. Ha! I remember the time I thought I’d start running… #hilarious

  3. I can’t run well at all — I’ve even tried jogging slowly and would end up winded after about two houses! Totally embarrassing when your neighbors are out watering their lawn or gardening! :/ So I stick with walking, but not during heat waves! 😉

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